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Jan. 20th, 2015 10:00 pm
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[Retasu's room is almost unrecognizable with the amount of little plush dolls piled up around her. The strange thing is, all of them seem a little familiar, especially if you've been around the community for some time. There might be one of you, or maybe of someone you miss. She's still tirelessly hand-stitching more even as she posts.]

I can't stop! I need to have more... Houjou-san, maybe you were right to say I'm too sad. But if I just keep making more, then it's like everybody is with me, right? Do you think? I hope so.

[The piles just grow bigger.]

(Hoarder virus is a go! Retasu's amassing plushies of everyone she loves and maybe even some people she's scared of. Feel free to say any of you are in there, or any of your current or old CR. There are probably at least ten Isseis in there, let's be honest.)
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I'm scared.

What if life goes back to normal? What if nobody ever sees each other again?

I think I understand what he meant by not wanting to leave this place again.
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I'm not sure who he is, but he wears it better than I do...

am I a terrible person am I going to get teased probably is everyone going to hate me is Miharu-san going to hate me is Karen-san going to laugh and say it's okay because I've said things about her and harems that maybe I shouldn't have so it's fair is this why Issei never wanted me help


May. 20th, 2014 06:45 pm
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It hurts...

It's okay. It's been worse. Um. Is everybody else alright? This time of year is terrible. Have any viruses hurt you?

[fail-locked to Miharu, he's the first one she could think of]

I-- Miharu-san? Please come talk to me if you're okay. Um. It's not really important, but.

(Retasu is affected by Plz Give Me Hugs and everything hurts.)
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So, um... who else is going to that Valentine's Day party?

Is it going to be like Yuri-san's from a few years ago? I mean, probably not with costumes, but more like a regular community parties? Or is there anything special going on, do you think?
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Minto-san's birthday party was today! I think she had a lot of fun, even if she does still tell us that the parties we throw together aren't like what her family and servants put on for her. It must be lonely in a situation like that. I'm just really glad that somebody caught the cake when I tripped and dropped it. She seemed to like her presents, too.

What kinds of things do you do for your friends' parties?
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Would anybody like to come over for supper? We've got cake, too.

(It's Retasu's birthday and she wants to make people happy. She will mention it if you ask, but otherwise she just wants to see her friends smiling.)
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*Retasu had managed to get him out and take him to the pink yellow white be consistent with the colour, adaptations! cutesy-looking cafe she works at. It is closed for the day and decorated with streamers, balloons, and paper cats. There are a few other people in the cafe, talking and serving snacks and cake. There's also a sparkly banner declaring that Issei have a happy birthday.*

I hope you like it!
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[Supposedly locked from Issei and Diarmuid. Actually not, because she fails at this sort of thing.]

Um, does anybody have any advice? You see, today is, um... Should I wish them a happy anniversary? Would that sound bitter? I don't want to sound like that! But then again, it might be hurtful if I didn't say anything, right? I can't get someone else to say it for me, that would be even worse. Should I give them flowers? Would they take that the wrong way? Am I worrying too much? What do I do?


Dec. 21st, 2012 08:01 am
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I'm not feeling too well. I suppose that's my own fault for going out, though... Tomoe-san, I think I'll need to skip coming to talk with you today.

(Fishgirl here got sick from going outside to fight the snow whilst in her usual battle uniform instead of something actually warm.)


Nov. 27th, 2012 08:14 am
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*Retasu is at the kitchen table in her apartment, sitting opposite a cake she'd bought from Kasumi and Roze at their bake sale. She sighs and looks at the computer.*

I suppose I deserved the camera turning on. Um, I mean... would any of you like to come over for cake? I can't eat all of this, and, um... well, I was going to give it to somebody and that didn't really work out. So, ah, if that's okay with you.
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I don't want to trouble anybody, but I need a little help. Um... how do you find something you're good at?
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*Retasu's sitting on her bed and hugging a pillow, turned away from the camera. She shakes her head and sighs.*


*An older voice comes from outside her bedroom door.* Retasu? You should get ready, there's school today...

I-I'm not feeling well. *She hugs the pillow more tightly.* I'm sorry.

We're worried about you, you know. You were in your room all last night, you barely touched your own birthday cake... after you disappeared last month, we worry.

I... um. I'll be all right. Please don't trouble yourselves.

*Retasu waits a few seconds, sighs, and flops over, sniffling.*

[open RL]

Apr. 6th, 2012 08:05 pm
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*Retasu is still reeling. She hasn't been talking much since she saw everything. You can find her in the temple, heavily guarded just in case, sulking in her Felt dress and hugging herself.*, hello.

(This is an open RL! Anyone who wants to come yell at Retasu or just talk to her is welcome. Threadhopping very encouraged.)
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[locked to Scratch]

Are you busy? I can understand if you're upset with me, but I need to speak with you.

I want to help.
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Too many people are getting hurt.

Even the people who say they're helping are only pushing others to do what they don't want to do and reminding them of how miserable they are.

It's all...

It's all this place's fault, isn't it? If it weren't for the community, none of this would have happened.

I want to just fix it.


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